Whilst we show an individuals main role below, a number of personnel have additional roles which may include Casualty Carer (First Aider), ALB Navigator, Press Officer, Fund Raiser etc.

Irrespective as to the roles held, we all work as one team to get the job done.

Launching Authorities

Lisa Ramsden
Lisa RamsdenLOM (Lifeboat Operations Manager)
Daniel Curran
Daniel CurranDLA (Deputy Launching Authority)
Shane McClelland
Shane McClellandDLA (Deputy Launching Authority)
Sean McConkey
Sean McConkeyDLA (Deputy Launching Authority)
Jonny Whyte
Jonny WhyteDLA (Deputy Launching Authority)

Coxswain’s and Helm’s

Nathan Leneghan
Nathan LeneghanTrainer Assessor/Coxswain
Gerard (Gerry) McConkey
Gerard (Gerry) McConkeyCoxswain
Niall McMurray
Niall McMurrayCoxswain/D-Class Helm
Declan Barry
Declan BarryCoxswain/D-Class Helm
Ed Rusk
Ed RuskTrainee Coxswain/D-Class Helm
Shane Rice
Shane RiceCoxswain
Dylan Mooney
Dylan MooneyTrainee Coxswain/D-Class Helm


Shane Rice
Shane RiceFull-time ALB Mechanic
Nathan Leneghan
Nathan LeneghanAssistant ALB Mechanic
Jim Polland
Jim PollandAssistant ALB Mechanic
Brian Leneghan
Brian Leneghan'D' Class Mechanic
Paul Beeks
Paul BeeksAssistant 'D' Class Mechanic

Launching Crew

Brian Leneghan
Brian LeneghanLauncher and Talus/Tooltrak Driver
Paul Beeks
Paul BeeksLauncher and Talus/Tooltrak Driver
Ciaran Leneghan
Ciaran LeneghanLauncher and Talus/Tooltrak Driver
Scott Thomson
Scott ThomsonLauncher and Talus/Tooltrak Driver
Seamus Boden
Seamus BodenLauncher and Talus/Tooltrak Driver
Paul Cartwright
Paul CartwrightShore Crew
Trez Dennison
Trez DennisonShore Crew
Fra Trainor
Fra TrainorShore Crew

Boat Crew

John Anderson
John AndersonBoat Crew
Brendan Rooney
Brendan RooneyBoat Crew
Orlaith Mooney
Orlaith MooneyBoat Crew
David Hughes
David HughesBoat Crew
Ian Kelly
Ian KellyBoat Crew
Caoimhe Connor
Caoimhe ConnorBoat Crew
Karl Brannigan
Karl BranniganBoat Crew
Locky Leneghan
Locky LeneghanBoat Crew
Sean Cunningham
Sean CunninghamBoat Crew
Ciaran Leneghan
Ciaran LeneghanBoat Crew
Declan McClelland
Declan McClellandBoat Crew
Shannon Gilman
Shannon GilmanBoat Crew
Patrick King
Patrick KingBoat Crew
Trez Dennison
Trez DennisonBoat Crew